Diana Andreotti

Couture à porter

The Brand

Diana Andreotti Couture mixes cosmopolitan taste and traditional tailoring, refined aesthetic Italian style and Mediterranean fascination. Tailoring is the brand’s ethic, but the challenge is to constantly apply it to the research and creativity, merging tradition and innovation. Diana Andreotti Couture, with attention for manufacturing and craftsmanship that distinguish it, broadens and deepens its creative research on double technique, peculiarity of Italian haute couture..

“Elegance and sensuality of a woman is perceived from her gestures and naturalness of her movements. Be able to communicate is often an important part of my work, for this reason I’m very careful about consumer’s taste on social network, I listen to them and I try to gain their needs. We must offer tools that their bodies could use to feel comfortable, not the contrary. I chose to dress a specific kind of woman, a strong woman, but fancy and womanly, it doesn’t matter if she is 17 or 50, but she want to show her sensual side, energetic and self-confident.

Diana Andreotti


L'universo di Diana

Hers is a story of a designer elected to fashion and art since young. Diana’s passion for the world of fashion and her creative soul, starts in a small sewing room, permeated with the fabric’s smell, where she observed the hands of her mother and grandmother creating real masterpiece, with endless fitting and constantly experimentation. Still now this is the method on which she bases her works.

She is born in 1991 in Turin, where she studies foreign languages; she finishes her education at NABA Academy in Milan, where she graduates in Fashion and Textile Design.
During the academy she creates a collection dedicated to Made in Italy, still distinctive mark of her brand. She ranks second at High Fashion Talent national contest, with the theme of innovation and creativity, showing a collection of clothes embroidered with real Bronte DOP pistachio. She supports project in collaboration with associations against violence towards women, launching ITHINKPINK, a t-shirt capsule collection, the proceeds of which go to charity.

In 2014 she gets the THE LOOK OF THE YEAR Fashion Award, of which in 2015, she becomes official designer, handling official dress and total look.

In the last years she works in creative departments of overseas brands, gaining a new vision and a more exotic mark. Thanks to the fusion with the Italian style, brand’s DNA becomes even more sophisticated and fancy.

Her work goes beyond the creation of collections, adding the supervision of distribution and management, communication and the study of market research. Her particular production strategy is made by quality, excellence and attention to details.